Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fight the good Fight

Another early travel morning so you are blessed with a double post day!

What a night....my daughter plays in a 9-10 year old softball league and her main coach was out of town so I was asked to coach bases.  It was about 90 degrees humid and sunny.....great night for a ballgame!

To make it even better we were playing the team that has not lost.....they run rule just about everybody so I was ready for a wonderful evening....down 13-5 in the 3rd inning I thought we should pack it up but these little girls still had some fight left!  They fought back to 13-11 and then took the lead at 20-14 and never looked back.  My daughter bats third and pitches so it was very nerve racking to watch as a fan but she was as calm and cool as the big boys playing in the All Star Game tonight!

You can learn so much from kids....I have coached many many years and I always tell the kids to never give up try your hardest and great things will happen!

I don't always take my own advice but tonight was another example of how important it is to fight the good fight and never give up.......underdogs do prevail and you can prevail over many things in life if you stay focused and do the right things!

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