Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you deserve a snack?

I am not sure about you but there are many times I deserve a snack!

Think about that statement...when you hear I deserve a snack or I deserve a the thoughts of doughnuts, cookies or ice cream novelties flood into your brain.

Not sure about you but oatmeal and chick peas aren't the first thing that bounce into my head.

The interesting piece of that is how conditioned we are to associate a snack or a treat with something that may not be good for us.

I will be honest if someone would cut me fruit every two hours I may never eat anything else but it is not associated with a treat or a snack in most of our minds.

Peanut Butter on a banana or apple....delicious but do we think of it as that special treat?

No that is reserved for the double brownie blizzard or the triple chocolate cookie.

I bring up this topic today so you start to think about how you and the people around you are took me a long time to change my thinking on this one but you can do it!

Next time you are jonesing for the cookie or cupcake grab your favorite piece of fruit and see how good you feel!

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