Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hungry or Bored

We can learn so much from kids!

The summer can be long and boring at times for kids...other times it is the most entertaining fastest moving time of the year.

My daughter wants to eat when she is bored so she is always "hungry" or "starving"!

She must have gotten this from me as I am always wanting food when I am bored.

The difference is knowing when you are truly hungry and when you just want to eat.  My wife struggles with this as she hates to see my daughter upset.  I told her we have a simple daughter tolerates apples and oranges but she loves chocolate, cookies, etc.

If you put a bucket of apples out and say whenever you are hungry grab find out quickly whether she is hungry or bored.

If you are truly hungry or starviing you will eat the apple if you are just probably want a snack.....isn't it funny how the mind works?

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