Sunday, July 17, 2011

Importance of understanding your metabolim!

I think many of us underestimate how important it is to understand your metabolism.

This vital part of your weight and ultimate fitness level is overlooked and misunderstood by many.

I recently became a new uncle and my sister's baby is going through some thyroid testing.

My mom and sister have had issues with their thyroid.  This is a key player in slow or fast metabolisms.  Exercise is another key factor that dictates metabolism as well as age and simple body chemistry.

I understand that it takes 3500 calories to gain or lose a lb. and everyone pins their programs and definitions on that.  The difference is that 3500 calories in different bodies with different physiques rect in very different all know them ....the people that can eat all day and no gain a lb. we love them don't we!

Then you have people that eat a doughnut and gain a lb. the bottom line is you need to get in touch with how your metabolism is functioning and watch how it reacts to aging weight gain lack of fitness etc.

This is a key in a happy healthy life!

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