Friday, July 15, 2011

Age doesn't seem fair!

It really does seem like as we get older our metabolism should speed up not slow down!

That just doesn't seem fair we have enough going against us as we have to slow down our metabolism to!

I went for a bike ride with my son this evening and we stopped at McDonald's....they have awesome reduced fat ice cream cones....I am 43 and I remember stopping and getting them when I was a kid for .25

We stopped in and they had .50 cones so my son wanted one.....he ate in about two minutes and said .50 can I have another....I said sure....Friday night what the heck...he woofed it down and we went back on our bike ride...i ddin't have a cone as I was still stuffed from dinner.

I looked at my son this evening and he he is athletic and fit and he eats whatever whenever he wants....yes my wife and I eat very clean and he has to partake of that but he has desserts every day and he enjoys what he likes.

It is another subtle reminder that as we get older we have to remember we aren't waht we used to be physically and if we struggle with weight and fitness we need to remeber that!

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