Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obesity Rates Rise

I saw an interesting study in the paper this morning.  30 years ago no State had an obesity rate over 15% now more than 12 have a rate over 30%.  This is amazing...it went on to show the difference in men and women with men being more overweight than women.

It also showed that the more education youhad and the more money you made decreased the percentage of obesity.

These are all very interesting pieces of information and I think they go against some common logic....you would think people with more money and higher education would have themeans to eat whatever they want and they may sit at desks or be a bit less ctive than a person that make less money...that being said it looks like the food available to someone that makes less money may not be as good for them?

These studies are always interesting but atthe end of the day you have heard me say it a million times it is all about choices....no matter what money you make or what you situation is in life at the education level you have to decide what you do each and every day and take responsibility for your choices and actions.

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