Monday, July 25, 2011

Own your situation

We were catching up on the extreme makeover .... weight edition....over the weekend!

Some great stories but as my wife and I walked the dogs we agreed on a few things.

Last night we watched the story of the lady that lost 201 lbs in a year...her goal was to lose 250 from her 456 starting point.  She had many issues..she was very heavy...her husband had incurred a stroke....she had two little ones tot ake care of so she had many excuses....she found a way to lose 106 lbs in the first 90 days with supervision..her issue was trying to do things alone....she always had reasons she had to eat the bad foods or cut out the exercise.

I will be the first to say I understand the issue with getting in a workout or always eating right when on the road but it ultimatley falls on me....if I am busy it is just as easy to grab a few chicken breasts at Wendy's or a sub at Subway as it is to grab the matter how bad our situation is we decide what we put in our mouth and we also decide whether to get a few walks in over the course of a day.

You can own your success......make up your mind to do the right thing most of the time and all will be well!

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