Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rise and Shine

Many of you know that I have lost over 150 lbs and done a number of things to get healthy.  One of the big things I learned was the need for a good breakfast.

I used to wake up and hit the road with nothing but my 44 oz. diet soda between me and conquering the world!

I never knew the importance of get good healthy fuel in your system within an hour of waking up.  I was hurting myself in ways I did not even know.  By not eating within an hour of getting up I told my metabolism to hold onto anything I ate the rest of the day....if you wake up and eat you are cranking your metabolism so it processes your food.

The more frequently you eat and the more liquid you drink the more efficiently you process food.  You will be able to eat more manageable amounts of food as well.

It is odd that your body knows the game so if you don't feed it from early in the day through the day you will end up starving and eating mass quantities as the evening rolls around.

Just another thing good old ignorant me learned on my journey!

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