Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is this a guy girl thing?

I really don't think drive and motivation are gender based.

I was featured in a few USA Today articles and Nanci Hellmich does an outstanding job of finding pertinent articles to benefit all of us weekly.

Today there was a large discussion on what it takes to motivate yourself enough to lose weight.

They said guys go to war against weight loss and women try things.

I think it is a decision but I am not sure it is gender based.  If you have it in your heart and mind that you want to lose weight you can find a way to get it done.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are stagnant or are losing the motivation.  It is only the second week of January and there is a long way to go in this fight.

Fitness is a life long battle and you must find the right balance for yourself to live life each and every day without the feeling that you only need to do this a few more days or weeks.....this is a process not an event.

It is only when you realize that you need to make a change that is life long that you truly have won the war.....many battles can be won along the way but the war can be won by changing the way you live your life not by making some crazy resolution or decision that is good for a few days and then gone!

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