Sunday, January 30, 2011

Does anyone choose to be un fit and over weight?

I would argue the answer to this is no 95% of the time.

No one truly wants to be overweight or unfit....even the 5% that may try and get overweight or not be in shape have other dirvers.

This is the key to my message for this chilly Sunday.

Get in touch with yourself at a deeper level..if you are having a hard time carving out some work out time or putting the donut down think about why this is happening.

My wife and I have learned a ton over the last few years.  For the two of us the desire to not work out and to eat junk is very prevalent we fight it every day.

The reason is not that either of us wants to gain weight or let our physique deterioriate there is usually another driver or trigger.

What is your driver or trigger...when you identify that you will truly be able to make a difference in your life!

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