Friday, January 14, 2011

Another week comes to an end!

It is Friday and the day we all get to the finish line and just need to energize!

You have many options as you head into the you view it as time off from a work out schedule or the weekend may be your time to enjoy a two day cheat meal extravaganza!

I challenge you to live each day with balance so you don't feel like you need to blow all your hard work from the week in one or two days!

You are regimented as you work through the week and then you may lose dedication or structure to or within a program when you get to Friday!

I urge you to stay the course....don't give in to the ease of throwing up the feet and getting a pizza and wings and watching the NFL Playoff's.....enjoy the playoffs but walk on a treadmill or ridea bike while you do with your pets or wrestle with your kids.....enjoy life but stay the course!

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