Monday, January 2, 2012

Artificial New Year's Day!

Very weird to have all the football games on today instead of the 1st!  That being said it is what it is and it is another life lesson for all of us!  The date on the calendar or the day of the week is just that!  A day or a date.  What you do with that day or date is a whole other thing.  We all can be controlled or manipulated by days, dates, weights, times, amount of weight we lift or we can take on each and every day as a new challenge/step in our journey.

As we all embrace 2012 try and make it your goal to take on each moment of the day as its own moment.  Most moments you will just be living your life but if you find yourself getting down mad or upset.....pause and remember it is a moment in time and you can take control of the next few moments that are about to accur!

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