Friday, January 6, 2012

Why does the dreaded Yo Yo scenario happen so much?

Many people wonder why the yo yo diet happens so frequaently.

Here is the deal.  A diet is either a lifestyle change in regard to what types and quantities of food you eat daily or it is an event to get you to a certain size or number.

If you are focused on a diet to get to a certain point you will most likely yo yo with your weight for one very simple reason.  To lose weight you either need to eat less or move more daily.  Usually people eat less and move a little more for fastrer results.  This is an awesome result and you will always lose weight.

Here is the some point you will hit your goal size/weight.

Here is where the problem sets in....if you have not put a plan in place that you can live with forever once you get to your goal weight or size in order to stay away from the dreaded yo you you need to keep at a certain acitvity level or calorie count.

If you are not willing to do this after losing weight you will always head bck up in weight if you are not willing to stick with the temporary change you made for life.

Sounds very confusing but it is very simple.

What you do in order to lose weight needs to be something you can live with.  If you make the change once you get to your goal you can move a little less or eat a little more but if you made drastic changes that you can't stick with you will be screwed.

Clear as mud right?

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