Thursday, January 12, 2012

What will keep you going!

Two weeks into the New Year and many people are already struggling with the new exercise/fitness routine they have developed.

Here is the tidbit for the day.  If you decided to start something new this year....good for you!  If you stretched yourself a bit too much that is OK.  Take a minute now to re vamp your approach.  You must be able to embrace and look forward to any routine you sign yourself up for or you will give up on it down the road.

One other thing to consider is some days you just won't have it in you to work out.

Don't give up all together make some concessions but get some work out in.

If you run for an hour do 20 or 30 minutes....if you lift weights for an hour get in a half hour.  Making the concession will keep you in the game.....better to scale back when you aren't feeling it than to quit all together.

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