Thursday, January 5, 2012

All foods created equal?

Many people talk about calories in vs calories out when discussing weight loss and nutrition.  I would stress the importance of balancing your food groups in the process.

If you want to build mucle mass which enables you to burn more calories daily you want a good does of protein daily and healthy fats are good for you as well.

Many people try and go low fat and they will skimp on the protein as protein heavy foods can be higher in calorie count.  Use the egg whites as your secret weapon in the protein department...very high in protein and low calorie.

The other thing that is very very important is not to allow the scale to factor in on a daily basis.....weight will fluctuate up and down and muscle weights more than fat so as you build a stronger healthier body youmay add weight some days that is very healthy.

You will get used to the feel of good days and bad days....don't let the scale freak you out those are just numbers.

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