Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What does normal look like?

I seem to be on an evening cycle with the posts now!

People are always trying to lose weight or working to maintain some even want to gain.  Do you ever ask yourself when you are just there?  When can you just do what you do every day and not think about losing or maintaining.....kind of like when you were 12 and there weren't enough Little Debbie's to fill you up but your weight stayed the same.

Age seems to make a difference in that....as we get older there is never just a normal day.

If you live by the 80-20 rule I believe you can get to normal.....if you make a lifestyle that you enjoy that is mostly good decisions that you like to live with you will be fine.

Normal is easier to achieve than we think if you make lifestyle changes that you can live with instead of Nazi type dieting restrictions.

Those are for the birds stick with things you can live with and start to enjoy normal!

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