Sunday, June 12, 2011

Public Service Announcement

This is just a freindly reminder but if it helps one person it will be well worth it!

As many of you know we lost my brother in law to a rare form of skin cancer a few years back.  He was diagnosed at 30 and passed away at 37.

Yesterday the relay for life took place in the city where I daughter and I spent time there as it is a battle against cancer and I will take up that fight any chance I get.  They had many different screening opportunities there from Blood Pressur to BMI.

If my brother in law would have checked in on the growth that turned out to be a tumor a lot earlier who knows where he would be today but when we are single males in our 20's we are invincible!

We are never invincible gang so make sure you are getting your check ups and screenings when you need seems simple but when you don't make time for those things you may find out too late that a little bit of time could have saved your life!

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