Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Around Us

I read an interesting statistic yesterday.

In 1946 the average american ate 23 lbs of ice cream...this dropped to 18 lbs in 1968 and 13 lbs in 2008.

You look at those numbers...does this mean we all eat less dessert now than in the 40's?  I think not!

As I discussed this with some friends last night we talked about all the different food options that are out there every day......everywhere you turn there are different creations of doughnuts or cookies milkshakes or blizzards.....if you think of it someone is making it....from chocolate covered bacon to bacon sundae's!

It is tougher now than any other time in history to stick with a plan if you are trying to cut back on sweets.

Statistics and stories like the one I brought out above in relation to ice cream can be interpreted in any manner people would like I look at it and say that is over a lb a month of ice cream on average so it is alot per person monthly when you think about it!  The decrease......all it means to me is there are probably a ton more different types of treats being consumed now than the few options they had back in the 40's.

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