Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trick Question!

Yesterday I kind of threw a tick question at you!

I hope you were able to take one of the tests I put on the site yesterday.

As you all know I lead a pretty healthy life....I eat right most of the time and I try and stay active.  I am 43 years old and on most of the tests I ranged from 95-100 in longevity.

What does that mean?

It means one thing I lead a healthy happy life this minute I am making good decisions and I have set myself up for a long life if I continue down this does not mean that is a guarantee.  I can head down the highway today to a sales call and something could happen that could alter that number.....who knows in a few months I could say I miss my half dozen donuts a day or I want back  on the box of cookie in an evening diet and the number can be impacted.

I guess my point is that this is a great tool but at the end of the day it is information to either validate what you are doing to project a long life expectancy or it is a wake up call for you....either way it is information and now you can make decisions that can make things better...stay the same or head right down the wrong road!

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