Monday, June 13, 2011

Week at a Glance

When I hear this term I think about what I have to do for my job...what does my week look like!  What do I need to accomplish and do?

What will I need to be present at or turn in!

A few weeks ago I decided to a look at it a little different.....I have a professional week at a glance but what does my personal week at a galnce look like.

I know where I have to be and what I need to do but what are my weekly make my life better and maybe to make an impact on other's?

I have tried to set goals in writing for my 90 year old Aunt on Wednesday to encourage her.....check in with my troubled nephew on Thursday and let him know I am here to talk...things of that nature.

Think about a different perspective on your week at a may be very refreshing for you!

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