Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good News

Hoping to enjoy a day off with the family so here is an early Friday message!

We got some good news...poor choices not aging pack on the pounds so we do have hope!  :)

Women's weight begins to decrease on average every decade when they hit the 60's and men's weight decreases on average when they hit 50!

Only seven more years for me.

I thought this was an interesting finding that as you get older yor weight should decrease...this makes sense as one assume's there would be less activity which should decrease the need for calorie intake.

That being said it is your call as to whether you indulge in food or lay off when you aren't hungry.

For men the highest average is 202 between age 40-49 and for women it is 172 between 50-59.

This is good news you can't control your age so it is good thatthe weight comes do control your choices!

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