Sunday, June 19, 2011

Physical relief!

When you feel overwhelmed a good bit of it is mental and we discussed that yesterday.....along with the mental stree there can be ways to relieve yourslef physically as well.

Many people turn to different forms of exercise when feeling overwhelmed.

I mentioned a few days ago that a long walk helps me in both areas...I get the physical release with the activity and it gives me time to address the mental side of the issue.

I have found a great mind clearing walk to help me a ton as I get into situations where I need help when feeling overwhelmed!

A quick shout out to all the Father's out there.......keep in mind that a father is simply a declaration on a piece of paper but a DAD is something we all hope we have had and relish if we did.....for those of us with kids we need to pray every day that they allow us to be there dad's and stick as close as we can!

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