Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are you cold or hot?

It is summer and that means many different things to many different people...when I was heavy I remember how I hated the summer the humidity....I just dripped sweat if I sat outside let alone if I did anything!

As the weight came off and my body transformed it has become very different....I enjoy the outdoors and many nice summer days I am cool.

Yesterday I had my kids down at the park and we were skipping rocks by a little river.

It is the end of June and we had sweatshirts and pull overs on in the middle of the day....very odd!

We started talking about the difference in being cold and hot and my son said dad it is good to be cold.....I said...what do you mean...he said when you are cold you are speeding up your metabolism when you are warm it slows down.

Now I know that it is very good to drink ice cold drinks as your body expends energy to warm the liquid which jump starts your metabolism but I had not thought about the concept in a broader sense until he brought that up with me we go through the summer and we go from hot to cold with air conditioners cranking...remember their can be a weight loss benefint to be cold!  :)

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