Monday, February 21, 2011

Who is your partner?

Accountability and Support are two of the keys that kept me laser focused in my quest to lose over 100lbs in six months!

I was very blessed to have a supportive wife and family all around that helped me on my journey.

Not all of us have that luxury....if you don't I will give you the key ingredient to achieving your goal.

You need a good scale and the willingness to step on it daily.  Yes I said daily not weekly or monthly.

To stay in shape or to make sure you don't careen off the rails of just plain getting older.....weekly or monthly will work but if you are truly trying to lose weight and shape your body....daily weigh ins are the way to go.

You may have eaten a ton of food or you feel bloated and you don't want to get on the scale....I will tell you ...... you are whatyou are get on the scale and see where you are will learn that food processes and metabolizes at different rates so the numbers will fluctuate daily but if you stay accountable and you weigh in daily you will learn your trends....this is a critical component to success and it is very painful for many....try it for a month ...... get on the scale every day I bet you see HUGE may be a bit grumpy though!  :):)

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