Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Options!

Many of us have wonderful family friends or loved ones we may want to do something for this Valentine's Day!  Being happy and healthy are two things that can last a lot longer than a few pieces of candy or a cupcake!

That being said it is nice to enjoy sweets around Valentine's Day!

This is one of those times you can enjoy a cheat and feel good about is healthy and natural to enjoy food treats or a work out holiday from time to time...take a day off and enjoy what you will keep you happy and you will truly remain healthy!

A few suggestions I have is spread out a few little sncks over a few days or times....that way you don't go crazy on a HUGE cheat and you have a bunch of little things to look forward to....the other idea is to get a treat that is portion controlled...get a cookie or a cupcake don't buy the tin of twelve!

Enjoy your indulgences around Valentine's Day just don't get de railed for the year!

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