Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stages in Life

I was at a Junior High youth function at my church last night.

My wife and I run the groupand the kids are great.

We have fun activities and tons of snacks.  It is amazing to watch these skinny kids pack away the cookies and soft drinks.  They weight about 100 lbs but they can eat cookie after cookie.  I am 42 now and it isnot the case....I and another dad were discussing this and just how cognizant we need to be of the changes in our body as we age.

Your metabolism will slow down and you muscle production will decrease dramatically as you age.  Once you are over 35 it is imperative that you do some weight training and you need to watch your diet a bit more.

I was reading an article on Friday night and it said after the age of 35 your body fat will go up 15% every decade without resistance training and control of your diet!

Seems like as we get older it is not just the joy of our youth that gets taken away!  :):)

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