Monday, February 28, 2011


We are two months into 2011...where do you stand in your health and fitness quest?

Are you losing the weight you want to?

Are you able to run walk or lift more?

After two months if you are making progress you should be able to sustain if you keep your focus!

If you have fallen off the wagon jump back on make February 28th your new start.

If you have success stories share your comments with the is GO time!


  1. So Tom, just weighed in with my nutrionist, and I gotta tell you, your advice last week on interval training was spot on. Prior 2 weeks, I was on the bike 40 minutes a day at a regular pace. Lost 4 pounds. Last 2 weeks, I did 14 intervals (1 minute hight, 2 low) per day, ate pretty much the same, and lost 8 pounds! 38 down, 200 to go!

  2. That is what it is all about my friend...finding little keys that work for you....intervals was a game changer for me and when people try it and stick with it they find it really flips the metabolism!