Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did you do it??????

Did you get on that scale....were you pleasantly surprised....disgusted?  Just about where you thought you should be?

It is all good wherever you were because you woke up this morning breathing....waking up and breathing is a good thing?   From that point it can only get better!

Now here are a few things to ponder as you begin to stay on the weigh in thing daily.....you truly need to understand your individual goal.

Is your goal to lose weight to gain muscle mass or just to stay within a certain 10 lb window......all of those things are very fair goals.

First, remember that muscle gains more than fat so if you are going after it with the weights your number on the scale will go up and it is OK your waist size won't.  :):)

Day by day depending on the density of the food you eat or your sodium intake the numbers will fluctuate....remember you get on daily for a few months to learn how your body processes foods and it will teach you when your trigger points for weight gain or loss are if you are an emotional eater or non eater...maybe there is a time in the month where your weight naturally spikes you will learn these things if you stick with it......this dedication will help you tremendously.

If you do it for about a year you won't need a scale ever again, you will learn your body and you will know your weight situation by the way your clothes fit which is the true essence of healthy happiness!

When I lost my weight I went from 288 to 134 and 54% body fat to 7.2%....which was unhealthy....I needed to gain muscle mass back but I was worried about how the weight would come back.....I am living proof that it is all good.

I went froma 44 waist to a 31 at my lowest weight.....I have gained 30 lbs and guess what....I am still in a 31!

Stick to this and you can be whatever you want to be!

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