Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things Happen

Don't give up or give in!

A day without your exercise routine or giving into a few cookies is expected and it is nothing to get bummed about!

You need to remember that we are all mere mortals and we will have ups and downs the key is to bounce back don't spiral.

Identify that a decision you made may not have been optimal and move on!

I will tell you that I ran into this last week.

I started eating some ginormous cookies at an off site meeting I attended and I didn't stop until I had six....about 4000 calories or so.

At that point I could have said whoa is me I have lost all my will power and given in or I could realize that I had a moment or half hour of weakness and it is time to get back to it!

I chose the latter and all is fine....remember most of the time no matter what you do or don't do...the sun will come up!

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