Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

The big day is here and it has been much anticipated for Steeler's and Packer's a Clevelander I am sure you know where I stand on this one!

A day like today makes you think about the long hard journey the player's and coaching staffs have been on most of their careers in some fashion and here it is their big day.

I would argue that most of us will never play in the Super Bowl or the World Series but we all can have our own prsonal Super Bowl...mine is not a game or an event but a group of things.

My Super Bowl is seeing my kids graduate from college get married have grand kids grow old with my wife.

These are all things that make my journey worth while and they help me strive to make it there.

What is your personal Super it an event a goal?

If you don't have your own Super Bowl think about establishing one!


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