Monday, February 7, 2011


The word that defines the Packer's and needs to be our focus!

The team had every excuse in the world to pack it in last night....all season they were injured they lost Woodson early had issues with Driver the Steeler's gained their world champion poise in the second did not look good even though they clung to a small lead!

They showed their character made no excuses and battled adversity all year so when the going got tough they did not give in they fought through it and they got the belt Aaron Rodgers cherished!

What a great story and it can be a great motivator for each and every one of us.  Every day the excuse is going to be there do you use the excuse or do you fight on toward whatever goals and task you need to achieve that day?

Those choices when faced with adversity are what will make or break your journey.

If you are going to do cardio for 30 minutes but at the 18 minute mark you are feeling on...once you quit the first time it will become easy as you carry on.

If you have pledged no sweets or only one cookie instead of six stick to your guns once you take an inch the rest of the inches will start creeping around that waistline of yours!

Hang in there gang and don't give in!

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