Friday, February 18, 2011

Resolutions can be daily!

A resolution does not need to be an annual deal.

You can choose to make a decision or change your goal any day of the year.  They just ran a story on the local news station in reference to people quitting on their resolutions and I was asked why it happens.

I explained that many people put a goal in place that is simply not going to happen as a lifestyle change.  If you don't set goals that you can live with for the rest of your life you will ultimately is human nature.

Check out the story from the news clip.


  1. Nice story, again, Tom. I'm still waiting for you to get your own show! You're definitely right - little changes can help, but man are they tough!

  2. You are right Steve....easy to know what to do very hard to keep doing the right thing!

    The more folks around you to support you the easier it gets...we are all in it together if we stick to it we will all get through it!

    I was at a High School Basketball game tonight and I saw a great T Shirt It is never crowded in the last mile! Ain't that the truth...easy at the start of the race but gets pretty thin as the race wears on!