Friday, February 4, 2011


I hate the ice.....snow isn't bad but ice is horrible!  I was walkng the dogs in the dark this morning in a balmy 3 degree wind and as we made it around the neighborhood I was stunned at how many people cleard their drive way but not the sidewalk in front of their house.

As I walked around the neighborhood I started to think about the statement this made on our society and what we are teaching our kids and others around us.

No other statement can be made in my estimation that says any louder I will take care of what I have to to get me by but who cares about anyone else.  I am a mere dog walker......I choose to walk my dogs so if I end up out in the road so be it but the poor kids that have to walk to the bus in the cold have no option.

Think about your life and seize any opportunity to show others that it is not only about you ....... do waht you can to impact others in a positive light whenever the long term and short term you will gain rewards you never dreamed of!

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