Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We need to find it almost everywhere....outside of ethics and morales we must compromise and find a healthy give and take in almost every are of our lives.

I have mentioned a few stories of people that are so busy there just is no time for healthy eating or exercise.  I have told stories of people who just don"t care about those issues.

Many of the issues you will run into in your quest to eat healthier over the course of time will have roots in interpersonal relationships or moods that you must fight to understand.

News flash......most of us like to do things are way.  When we don't get our way we can internalize or act out in a way that creates stress in our lives.

The challenge is to be cognizant of this and to understand what these challenges do in our lives.

When we come to grip with these challenges in our lives and we understand the importance of balance emotionally and physically that is when we truly figure out how to help ourselves.

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