Sunday, August 28, 2011

All or Nothing!

I was readng a great article this afternoon on heart health.

There were 17 things that should be focused on to keep your heart healthy.

I will mention a few of them as I go through the week but one thing that stood out was in regard to exercise.

The issue that was adressed was the propensity people have to go over the top in relation to an exercise regiment.  Instead of starting with something you can live with long term people jump in and go over the top in relation to the exercise program they start with.

I have preached this for years now in relation to diet as well as fitness.  It is all about lifestyle change you can live with.  If you try and implement short term diets or fitness sessions for a short term goal expect it to be just that a short term result...if you want lasting change implement things you can live with day in and day out!

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