Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Don't underestimate it my friends!

More and more studies are showing walking is a very viable form of exercise.

It can not only help you lose some weight or stay fit it will help your mind!

A recent study was taken and the findings overwhelmingly were on the side of the walkers!

Many of us think of walking as a waste of time but there are now very good examples of walking helping our waistline and it will help our mind as well.

Figure out what and when you need to get out there and get a good walk in each day.

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  1. Tom - I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with your blog over the last few months. I am trying to keep up on all of my blogs that I follow again now.

    With that being said and to answer a more recent post of yours, post as often as you have something you feel you need to share. Don't feel obligated to post daily. I run 3 blogs myself and that has been cut way down from other things such as a YouTube channel that I haven't touched since January.

    As for walking I am trying to get out more and more both for health reasons and to feed one of my own blogs that deal with hiking. Do you have any suggestions with winter right around the corner? I am sure my chances to get outside and walk are going to be drastically decreased with the occasional heavy snow in NE Ohio here.