Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Awesome Text

I was traveling this week and I got a great text from my wife.

She said I took the kids for Ice Cream and it looks so good, how do you do it?

My wife is trying to lose a few pounds for our trip to Maui in a few weeks.

She is so skinny to begin with it is goofy.

I explained to her I am able to abstain from all my vices by looking at most of them as a moment in time...instant gratification....when my kids are enjoying ice cream or a dessert I am enjoying them being happy .......... my focus is on their happiness not on what it would do for me.

If you look at things in that manner you can disarm the temptation.  If yo think about what it means to you the challenge will become very tough.

See happiness through others and don"t think about stuff as what you want.

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