Friday, August 12, 2011

Will Power

It is many of our arch enemy....we battle it each and every day.

Once you learn the art of will power control you become unbeatable.

Last weekend we had one of my son's friend go on a trip with us.  My family eats very healthy and we monitor about everything but when we hit the road it is all up for grabs.  The boy that was traveling with us obviously has been watching his intake.

As a person that has done that I understood how tough this was going to be.  With cookies, chips and everything else flying downt the hatch I thought this thirteen year old would succumb to the pressure in about two minutes.

I was so proud to watch this boy master self control throughout the weekend.

It taught me more than I could ever have read in a book it was inspiring and just the kick I needed to realize will power is there for all of you harness the will power or give in and make like the thirteen year old...rise to the challenge!

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