Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Walking...what is easier?

The number one question I am asked is how to get and STAY motivated.

We are all motivated by different things. You have to find out what motivates you. My main motivation ... wanting to stay healthy and fit for my children. Another motivation is that my fitness program keeps me in shape to be able to do things I enjoy.

Think of all the benefits of a fitness program. Choose the things that matter to you and focus on them. Make a list of all the benefits you will personally receive from your program and make a list of the others that will benefit. (Who else will benefit if you become more fit?? -- Everyone in your life.)

Now make a list of all the excuses you have for not "doing it". Slowly find ways to remove each of these from your list.

You have to make YOU and your fitness a priority.
benefits of a fitness walking program, motivation

  • Burns calories

  • Strengthens back muscles

  • Slims your waist

  • Easy on your joints

  • Strengthens your bones

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Allows time with family and friends

  • Shapes and tones your legs and butt

  • Cuts cholesterol

  • Reduces risk of heart disease, diabetes, & more

  • Reduces stress

  • Sleep better

  • Improves mood and outlook on life

  • Can be done almost anywhere

  • Requires no equipment

  • AND it's Free
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