Wednesday, November 9, 2011

TV....good for your weight loss and fitness!

I hope that caught your eye!

Since I lost all my weight I have dramatically cut back on my cardio.

I will share with you one of my top secrets of weight loss and overall fitness.

Use things that take alot of your time for good.

If you like reading the paper or if there are three or four shows you enjoy weekly.

Try and factor exercise into the times you do that stuff.

When I was losing all my weight I was on the bike during Survivor, Biggest loser etc. etc.  If you are going to watch TV do something be active...same thing with reading a book or the paper.

If you take the time you put into those things and get active while you enjoy your hobbies you will be amazed at the quick turn around you can make.

I lost my first 100 lbs in seven months and a good bit of that came sweating it out on the bike while I watched shows on the DVR.

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