Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving here we come!

I will try and give out some of my best tips in the week heading up to Turkey Day!

These will not be revolutionary but the basic nature they have about them will make them do able year in and year out instead of a one time event when you are in weight lss crisis mode.

The great thing about a holiday is that most of us get some extra time in the day.

Unless you are the host of a get together you should have some time for yourself.  If you are the host physical labor/activity won't be an issue.

As youhead into the holiday carve out some time for a walk in the morning and agian in the evening if possible.

Just a simple walk if you are not used to doing it can do so much for you.

Try and get a good 45 minute walk in early and then another half hour in the evening.....walk with a family member or friend you don't get to see all that often....waht a great way to build in some activity and spend time with someone you don't get to see much!

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