Sunday, November 6, 2011

Every Day

Think about all the things you do on any given day.

There are so many things we do today that are so effortless compared to all the many things people had to do in the past.

I remember going through the airport as a little kid and people actually had to carry their luggage.  There were no people walked wherever you needed to go.

When Ihad a paper route we rode our bike or what around at the crack of dawn delivering papers we didn't get driven in a car and chuck the papers out the window.  Nowadays most of the delivery folks are actually adaults driving themselves to make some extra money but that is a whole other topic.

The oint of this post is not about boy did I have it tough back in my day.  The point is every day we have many opportunities to make things effortless for ourselves or we can choose the option that may be a bit more work.

Here are a few examples and do with them what you will:

When you are in a building with more than one floor are you searching out elevators and escalators or can you deal with the stairs?  When you are on a phone call are your feet up?  Are you sitting staring at a computer or can you get up and pace a little bit.  When you drive somewhere later today r tomorrow will you circle like a vulture to get the close parking place or will you drive to the farthest point from the entrance park and take a nice leisurley walk in.

We have many choices right in front of us every day that are not crazy work outs but a little extra physical activity can make a huge difference daily.

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