Monday, November 14, 2011

Just not fair!

Not sure if many of you are Biggest Loser fans or not.

They touched on an interesting concept this week.  They had a Dr. on from John's Hopkins that studies the Psychological part of eating.

It was pretty interesting.  I was 288 lbs at my high point and I am at 165 lbs now....up 30 lbs from my low point of 135 lbs.

I thought the Dr.s input was spot on from what I have experienced and it validates that our bodies just are not fair!  :(

The Dr. explained that if you took a lean person and an obese person and put a cheeseburger infront of them the craving to eat it would be much greater for the obese person.  If they both ate the cheeseburger the satiety would be much higher in the lean person.  This means to offset the craving the heavy person needs to eat more cheeseburgers to feel satisfied whereas the lean person can eat a cheeseburger and move on.

Doesn't seem fair does it......another testimony to the good things in life (your health) don't come easy!

To make things worse they went on to explain that it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to re wire your brain for positive eating habits and it take about two days to lose that programming.

Why can't it be the other way around?  :)

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