Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You own your choices!

I have been away in meetings and the password was not available for remote posts so my apologies to all!

That being said any and all choices we make are ultimatley ours.

I have been in meeting this week and most of the food is catered.

The planning team was told they had to have all "healthy" food choices.  That was a very interesting statement so i asked them about it.  They went on to explain that the people in charge did not want the temptation of cookies etc. around.  For me if it isn't there it is not an option but at the ned of the day whether things are around or not you have to decide for yourself what you will and won't do.

Whether someone only provides you good or healthy options in our society other options will be prevalent everywhere.  You are going to decide what you will and won't do and when you will or won't do that stuff.

Once people come to grip with the thought of owning their future they will ultimately decide what they want there future to be and make the proper decision to get there.

Decide where you want to end up and then put a plan in place to get there!

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