Thursday, February 16, 2012


The metabolism is a very underestimated component of weight loss and gain.

Many people discuss the caloric intake or deletion of 3500 calories in relation to gaining or losing a pound.

Here is what I will tell theory that is spot on.

In reality there are many things you can do to master your metabolism.

For instance in the hour after drinking sixteen ounces of ice cold water your metabolism burns calories at 24% higher rate.  Crushed pepper, hot sauces most things containng capscacin increase your metabolism.

A hard core cardio workout on intervals for 20 minutes will jack your metabolism for about 24 hours which means you process calories in a different manor.

All of us have very different metabolisms and work ethics in relation to our fitness.  You need to learn what and how things work for you.

I would suggest getting a work out in early in the morning to get your metabolism going which means working out and eating....there needs to be a balance.


  1. You can use an abdominal exercise machines just when you feel like it if you want to lose belly fat and improve your overall general health and fitness.

  2. My abdominal exercise machine is front and side planks along with weight added crunches! :)