Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Day After

So hopefully you all took my advice and enjoyed your Valentine's Day treats!  Here is the next is a marathon not a sprint.

Long term you will be able to enjoy the food you can even enjoy the leisurely day without a work out!

The bootom line is you need to get physical activity in as a rule and you need to eat healthy as a rule!  As long as you learn to do that you will always be able to enjoy rest and relaxation and goodies on holidays and vacations.

If you begin to realize that one week or a few days does not a life make your whole focus will fall into place.

Stress levels and everything else become hard to manage when we are on a timeline or a deadline.  The easiest way to avert the timeline or deadline is to not get to a point that you need to worry about that stuff!

Take things day by day you will have ups and you will have downs but if you hang in there with e we will all come out OK!

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