Saturday, December 17, 2011


I want to apologize for the lull in my posts.  I have made a promise to many of you to maintain my accessibility and the last few weeks have kind of spun out of control.

I think I have mentioned to many of you that my favorite time of the year is Christmas....I live in Northeastern Ohio and survive each and every Winter.  I love the holidays so much I would take 12 December's weather and all.

This year has been very different to me.....many of you know a very close friend was in a car accident the tuesday before Thanksgiving.  He has been in a coma since.  His wonderful wife is very close with my wife and his ten year old daughter and my daughter are incredibly close.

Christmas is a great time of year but when you watch families go through what this family has had to endure this holiday season it is hard for me not to be inspired.

This morning my daughter and our friends daughter were at a play practice together their mom was in a need to get to the hospital so she asked if I could take her daughter to the her grandma's after practice.

I said sure it was on my way home......she went on to thank me endlessly.  Here is a lady who has a 6 year old and a ten year old with a husband that has beenin a coma three weeks and she is ecstatic and thankful that I can drop off her daughter.  This ladies strength is amazing.  I am so inspired by people like this.

Many of us cry about squeezing in a 30 minute work out or we can't imagine not putting butter on our toast when we want to shed some weight....things like the example above hopefully bring perspective and inspiration.

Many of us face very small obstacles in our day to day life we just need to take them on!

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