Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

I have many people that shoot me emails and ask me questions about fitness and nutrition ever since I lost all my weight.

The amazing part for me is that I would have been the last person anyone asked these questions of a few years ago.

When my wife hears people ask me questions in relation to fitness and nutrition she cringes as she knows I am a work in progress.  I lost 154 lbs pretty quick but it was a lot more about drive and times those two things were a bit out of control on my behalf.

Many people have asked me if I work out through the holidays or if I take a break?

They have asked if I indulge in candies cookies and sweets or if I abstain.

The truth is I have no real plan or regiment.

I am on vacation until January 3rd.  I will spend time with my family and friends and if I want a cookie or a piece of pie I will enjoy it....if I just don't feel like working out I won't.  This is a 10 day period in my life.  I have made lifestyles changes that will be with me forever.

When you change your lifestyle you never need to worry about a day without a work out or a few cookies here or there.

When you lose your long term focus and you give up you need someone around you as a support system to shake you back to your drive and determination.

As we head intot he highly festive next few days enjoy yourself but don't do anything they may not allow you to keep your life long focus on changing your lifestyle.

Once an addict always an addict.

I am a food addict so I need to be very careful as I enjoy many of my old vices this time of year!

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