Sunday, October 16, 2011

We all need some good news

Seems like all to often as people look for nuggets to motivate themselves all you get is depressing news.

If you eat a burger at Wendy's it will take you three hours of walking to burn off the calories or if you eat a donut at Krispy Kreme you need to chop wood forever to burn the calories.

Other times we are told if we don't get our heart rate up or exercise for an hour a day there really are no benefits.

When these type stories run they tend to upset people to the point that they give up or they lose motivation.

There was a great story that came out last week and it should be very encouraging.
Th good news is that a mere fifteen minute walk daily can add three years to your life.

That news does not promise a new life or the ability to lose 30 lbs in a week but it is a positive affirmation for an attainable goal.

you need to set your sights on something that is do able.

This is extremely do able and the thought of an extra three years should be motivational.

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