Thursday, October 13, 2011

Is it harder to lose, gain or maintain?

This is the million dollar question and the answer seems to be very different depending on whattype person you are.

I can gain weight in minutes not days!  :):)

I can lose weight pretty quickly as well if I need to.

Maintenance to me is where the tremendous challenge lies.

What I have found is you need to give yourself a large window 10 - 15 lbs so that you can go up and down depending on different body composition situations.  Time of month?  Maybe you had a HUGE meal at a Holiday and it takes your body some time to process.....there are going to be large swings one way or another so I think in maintenance mode you have to stay on top of your weight and give yourself a realistic window to go up and down.

Much easier to reign yourself in if you are 8 lbs over your goal than if you slide 20 lbs away.

It is interesting to think about weight loss or weight gain as potentially easier than maintenance but it is the same in many things in life....when driving your car if someone says speed up or slow down that is simple.....if they tell you to stay right at a certain number it is  bit more challenging.

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